Sunday, May 20, 2012

Above the Fold Part 3 - Checkpoint

Testing your content

SEO Testing Tools

A key in my journey in towards SEO nirvana was to make sure I used checkpoints along the way.  In the two previous articles, I shared how I focused on keyword optimization and web architecture and structure for SEO.  Once you have taken the time to implement your keywords and phrases throughout your content, and also placed them into your folders, page names, titles, etc., now you need to take a snapshot in time to figure out how the web sees you.  Below are some tools to see how you are doing, and make sure your plan is coming together:

Google Webmaster Tools

I cannot emphasize enough how helpful the Google tools can be in your SEO tasks.  If you read an article on how Google analyzes the web, you will see just about all that information in Webmaster Tools.  Internal links, external links, keywords, content, errors, reused title tags, and more will all be laid out for you in the tool set, and it is an absolute snapshot of your content and how the bots view your site.  At this point, the key focus will be the Content Keywords.  This tool will show you a count of words, and how often they occur on your site.  Obviously, you want your desired keywords to be in this list in the order of required priority.

Test your sites and blogs for keywords and content

SEO Workers

My other tool that is an absolute must is the SEO Workers Tool.  This is a fantastic free tool that does just about everything you need from a content analysis perspective.  I used this to do a page by page analysis of my site, and fixed all the outlined issues.  The tool grades your pages in a number of areas: meta tags, title tags, content, etc.
SEO Tester

So, this checkpoint step should be used on a consistent basis, and I advise you incorporate it into your procedures, and run it once a quarter, or anytime web changes are made.

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