Sunday, June 3, 2012

Above the Fold Part 4 - Aggressive Linking

Links to sites and blogs for SEO

Linking for SEO Results

Ok, so now that you have completed part 1-3, established keywords, focused on content and structure and checked your work, now the long arduous road begins:  linking.  Where and how?  Below is a quick guide to linking and what works:

  1. Blogs - If you have not put blogging into your daily routine, get it there.  When I say blogging, I not only mean writing your own posts, but also participating in discussions that surround your product and industry, and placing content specific links back to your site.  In part 5 I will discuss an overview of creating a blog network to help in this area.  If you already have a blog, create a links module with some of your core keywords back to specific site content.
  2. Press Releases - Most of the major press release houses now allow the creation of dedicated links, release embedded links as well as highlighted links within their interfaces.  This is a great way to get your information on the street, and also provide keyword-based links back to the site.
  3. Partners - in the business to business world, your partners can be a phenomenal linking resource.  Don't be shy about asking for specific keyword links back to your site to be placed on their web site.
The steps above cannot just be done once, you need to constantly link, and get others in your organization to participate.  The more the better.  Encourage employees to create their own blogs, and contextually link back to home base.

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