Sunday, September 4, 2011

Press Releases and the Social Circle of Life ( PR Wise)

In the age of new media, press releases can be a great driver for leads, awareness and overall message delivery.  It amazes me in this day and age, the lack of "socialized" releases.  Using Social Media as to add dimensions to an otherwise one dimensional message is key.  Below are some great rules to follow:

  1. Use a press release organization that has built in Social Media tools.  We utilize MarketWire, and they have a great SM tool set for releases.  You can really socially enable, with tagging, keywords, etc., and drive your message into the Social Channel.
  2. Place links to social pages and applications within your releases.  A prime example:  If you are releasing a new feature, place a link to your YouTube channel in your release to provide that second dimension of engagement.
  3. Ensure that the ground work is in place in your social channels.  All roads lead to a unified message...and your audience should be able to find information and additional links on your release regardless of where they land.  Make sure you have the theme pervasive throughout your web presence.
A few simple rules I have found effective.

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